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Over 10 Billion Yuan: NingboCEEC Trade Hit Record High in Q1
Source: 微信支付棋牌  | 2022-04-25 08:17:00

  On-site supervision of featured products from CEEC was implemented by Ningbo Customs Officers. Photo by Ding Xiaojin

  Statistics from Ningbo Customs showed that the value of imports and exports between Ningbo and Central and Eastern European countries (CEE countries) in the first quarter increased to a record high of 10.7 billion yuan, up 25.85% year on year. Specifically, import value reached 2.24 billion yuan with a year-on-year increase of 13.98%, and export 8.46 billion yuan, 29.42%. The China-CEEC Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone in Ningbo maintains its strong momentum.


  Ningbo Zenith Passion Import and Export Co., Ltd., focuses on the export of daily essentials – such as large-scale hardware, plastic items, electrical appliances, stationery, and pet supplies – and has developed into a long-term cooperative partner of several mega supermarket chains around the world.


  “More orders from abroad triggered strong business volume growth last year as a result of COVID-19, and the time for CEE countries to take delivery could be two years later.” Li Bin, chairman of the company, introduced. “In the future, we will seize the opportunities to accelerate business cooperation in those countries for further development of the company.”


  Ningbo Tiyi Import & Export Trad Co., Ltd. is another beneficiary of China-CEEC business cooperation. “Many of our trading partners are from CEE countries. Recently, we declared a batch of electrolytic copper from Poland.” Mr. Chen, the company’s customs broker, explained that the company’s capacity for stable supply chains and business operations was strengthened by the quick customs clearance and turnover of imported raw materials.


  Unwrought copper and copper products have always been main products that Ningbo enterprises imported from CEE countries. With the advantage of the China-CEEC Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, enterprises such as Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Tiyi Import & Export Trad Co., Ltd. have been major customers in the CEE copper market. From January to March, Ningbo imported 580 million yuan of unwrought copper and copper products from CEE countries, soaring 143.08% year on year.


  The year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of China-CEEC cooperation and the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the China-CEEC Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone. To further facilitate cross-border trade, Ningbo Customs have constructed a special APP offering one-stop service for import customs clearance of CEE products. This measure is in accordance with the establishment of the Zone and the demands of Ningbo import enterprises. Coordinating 21 departments from ministries and local governments, the online platform provides services including customs comprehensive business, quarantine approval, inspection, logistics, etc., aiming to expand imports from CEE countries through digitalizing the customs clearance policies and information.


  Reporter: Li Li

  Translator: Mei Jie

  Proofreaders: Wang Fang, Puyang Rong, Jason Mowbray

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